Everything I think I know about the Islamic community comes from representations. Something I realised after a photograph of Mohammed Rashid is published on the front page of The Volkskrant newspaper. In this photograph, Mohammed is being checked during a reinforced control at Schiphol Airport. This photograph, in combination with the title: “Is Schiphol still safe?” ensures that Mohammed is being associated with terrorism.

Mohammed reacted to this photograph, writing a concerned letter to The Volkskrant. This letter states that he does not identify in any way with the image he is represented in. This makes me aware of the distance representations can create to reality. I become curious about Mohammed and decide to approach him. The Right Distance is about the encounters we have and it is the result of my attempt as a photographer, to represent Mohammed.

Installation view, group exhibition The Flipside, Nutshuis, The Hague (12.2016 / 01.2017)
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