A couple moved in next door. Our gardens are situated right next to each other, separated by a brick fence. We occasionally smoke a cigarette outside at the same time, but we never say ‘hi’. Now, I find myself in a place where it’s strange to start a conversation.
         Two girls moved into the apartment on the third floor. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. I saw them twice in the hallway. It has been a year since they moved in.
         A girl moved in right above me. She took the place from a guy who lived there before her. I can’t remember his name, nor do I remember hers now.

The strange distance I feel to my direct neighbours, made me curious about people who are living in my neighbourhood, the Regentessekwartier in The Hague. People I pass on a daily basis, but who most often go unnoticed. With these people I engaged in a brief conversation, and we went our own way shortly afterwards. These portraits are the lasting imprints of these encounters.